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Chronique d’une année en Amérique
Living in Minnesota
A translation by Amy Daniels of the third part of "Légendes" (POL, 2002)
Article du 21 septembre 2003

Légendes (POL, 2003) is a remembrance of how fiction accompanied me through childhood and helped me grow into adulthood. The last third of the book tells about my year as an exchange student in Bloomington, Minnesota.

There, I lived with a host family, the Stainers, and attended the neighborhood Senior High School, Lincoln High...

Légendes hasn’t been published in English, but these chapters were translated by Amy Daniels, a student in French Literature currently at... the University of Minnesota. My gratitude to her and to Gayle Levy, a French Literature teacher in Kansas City, MO, who connected me with Amy.

Living in MN-Chapters 1-3


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